Swanbourne Memorial garden

Memorial Garden

Tremendous progress has been made since last summer, and this really has been a joint PC/SCA effort. The SCA helped to initiate the project in cooperation with the PC.  Roger and Anne Parker were instrumental in the acquisition of the excellent circular bench.

A new history plaque (written and designed by the SHG and funded by the PC) has been installed which provides details of Swanbourne’s WW1 veterans. The PC also funded new ironwork fencing at the boundary with the Park, and an entrance gate.

The whole project has been assisted by securing one of the last grants from AVDC’s Community Chest to the SCA and a grant from Bucks County Council’s LAF fund to the PC. Special thanks go to Philip and Sylvia Dalton who are our gardeners. They have done a fantastic job, completely transforming the garden area.

Swanbourne Memorial Garden 1 June 2017

Memorial Garden 2 June 2017