Summary of Parish Councillor Responsibilities w.e.f. May 2019

Summary of Parish Councillor Responsibilities

Clive Rodgers (Chairman) – Strategic planning matters and liaison with SCA; PC communications and village management overview.

After a Ph.D. (Geological Sciences) from Birmingham University, Clive worked in lecturing, teaching and consultancy. A particular interest is in planning matters, and he also liaises with the SCA and History Group. He also manages PC communications as joint editor of Swanbourne Newsletter and Webmaster for the Parish Council (and History) websites. Living in the village since 1992, Clive has been a Parish Councillor for the past five years.

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Helen Cleaveley – Speedwatch and MVAS.

A graduate of Exeter University, Helen progressed to her M.A. (Social Anthropology) at Edinburgh. She subsequently worked in development, fundraising and alumni relations at Kings College and the Tate Gallery. Helen spent her childhood in Cardiff often helping her father (a Traffic Management Consultant) in conducting and interpreting traffic surveys, which has fostered a genuine interest in seeking to resolve Swanbourne’s traffic problems.

Emails will be forwarded to Helen by the Parish Clerk:-

David Brooks Wilson – Local Hub meetings for funding/grants and local planning advice.

David C Brooks Wilson, FFICS, FCG, FCT, FCMI, is Chairman of Noble Wilson Ltd. He is a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Company Secretary who moved to the village in April 2019.

His business career has been in Property, Transport and Construction both in the private and public sectors.

His interests are cricket, travel and the sustainability of the built environment.

Emails will be forwarded to David by the Parish Clerk:-

Rosemary Andrew – Bus shelters, passenger transport and verge and garden issues.

Rosemary recently retired from teaching at Swanbourne House School.  A keen gardener, Rosemary recently moved to the new development at Breakfast Field.  She is interested in helping with the provision of bus shelters, bus stops, and passenger transport issues.

Emails will be forwarded to Rosemary by the Parish Clerk:-

Deborah Barrow – Highway defect reporting and litter issues.

Deborah works part time in HR and recently took over the running of Swanbourne Book Club. Deborah is interested in helping with highway defect reporting to BCC and litter issues.

Emails will be forwarded to Deborah by the Parish Clerk:-

Mike King – Standing Orders, governance/transparency.

Mike recently retired from a career in Pharmacy and has previously been Chairman of Governors at Buckingham school. Mike is developing the Parish Council Standing Orders, advising on transparency and governance and is interested in helping to manage the PC website.

Emails will be forwarded to Mike by the Parish Clerk:-

Linda Sirett – Helping to manage sideman work (verge mowing etc.) and dog related and wildflower issues.

Linda belongs to the Ash family which has at least 150 years of continuous historic connections to Swanbourne, reaching back into the late 18th Century. Linda helps to look after everything connected with dogs and footpaths for the Parish Council matters . She works for Swanbourne Estate and Medical Detection Dogs.

Emails will be forwarded to Linda by the Parish Clerk:-