Playing Fields Committee

The Playing Fields

This recreational land is managed by the Playing Field Committee on behalf of the Parish Council.  The land is leased from Swanbourne Estate, and the public has full access for sporting and recreational purposes.  The area involved is edged red in the map below.

Map to show the location of the Playing Fields and Millennium Wood.

Playing field and Millennium Wood maintenance

This is work as directed by David (“Dave”) Thrower (Chairman of the Playing Field Committee) – mainly grass cutting, strimming and pruning in the Millennium Wood and children’s playground area by Eleanor Sherwood; keeping entrance tidy; other works as directed (not covered by Countrywide Services). To contact Dave, please email:-

Clare Barker acts as Treasurer and she deals with paying invoices.

Play out mornings on the playing field (for children) are usually arranged for dates during the school holidays by Eleanor (“Ellie”) Markland.  See the ‘Newsletter’ or tel. 720454 for details.

Management of the Playing Fields is normally delegated to the Playing Fields Committee by Swanbourne Parish Council.  However, for major projects the Parish Council can be more closely or directly involved e.g. with the current Section 106 finance for new play equipment, where Tom Finchett is working closely with Dave Thrower.