Latest AVB News

Latest AVB News

By Andrew Mills ( written for the August/September edition of Swanbourne Newsletter)

AVB has now completed the first phase of its rollout of ultrafast fibre broadband in Swanbourne and the majority of the village are now enjoying Internet speeds that only 3% of the UK population can access. It’s taken a long time but it is important to remember, AVB is rolling out entirely brand new, future proof infrastructure that will ensure rural villages such as Swanbourne are no longer left in the digital dark ages. It’s an even more impressive achievement when you consider this is something Openreach would never have delivered, yet AVB (consisting of a handful of people with the invaluable assistance of local volunteers) have succeeded.

Every house with a connection point installed on their property boundary can be connected (if they have not already been), simply contact your village champion Stuart Greenwood or AVB ( or 01296 451110). There are still a few households that can be connected as part of phase 1 but there have been difficulties connecting them – we continue to investigate and repair where necessary and these households will be connected as soon as possible.

AVB is aware there are a few streets remaining in Swanbourne waiting to be connected to our ultrafast fibre network. It is AVB’s stated aim to deliver to every property but unfortunately this does take time – AVB has a limited budget and resources, and for it to be commercially successful it cannot cover a village in its entirety from day 1. With that said, AVB will soon start planning phase two and they will again revisit Swanbourne with a view of completing all streets, however if you live in one of the few remaining streets and want to be connected to AVB’s ultrafast fibre network then you need to let AVB know as proven demand for their ultrafast broadband service will play a part in their planning process.

AVB wants to again reiterate its immense gratitude for the invaluable assistance of Stuart Greenwood, Tom Finchett, Swanbourne Estate and many others in making this rollout of ultrafast fibre broadband in Swanbourne possible.

Kind regards,

Andrew Mills

Managing Director Ph: 01296 451110  Web: