East-West Rail Consultation

East-West Rail Consultation

The Vice-Chairman’s response to Network Rail on behalf of Swanbourne Parish Council was as follows:-

– Winslow Station design looks appropriate.  See illustrations attached.  It is close to the new school in Winslow and it will have parking space for 360 cars in a 2 story car park.  Would that allow for future growth? – Yes, because the foundations will be designed to allow a 3rd storey to the car park in future if required.  Recommend PC approval.
– Frequency of use.  Around 4-5 passenger trains per hour during daytime (2 to Oxford 30 mins, 2 to Milton Keynes 20 mins and 1 to Aylesbury 20 mins).  Seems appropriate.
– Proposed change to diesel trains rather than electrify will reduce costs because the heights of bridges will no longer need to be raised. Seems a good idea, so recommend approval.
– Effects on Swanbourne Parish will be next to the old Swanbourne Station.  One footpath crossing the line will be diverted to a new footbridge to be built near to Moco Farm.  Recommend approval on safety grounds.
– Close to the Old Station, a parallel works road on agricultural land next to Station Road is needed for works traffic to allow normal traffic. Seems necessary.
– Large compound in agricultural land for diggers and works traffic/equipment storage on farmland close to the bridge.  I am concerned about the size of this and the extent of traffic and noise but it seems to be necessary.
– Another railway service area established (this one will be permanent) on Horwood House side of road will be just outside our Parish.  I hope this will not be an eyesore.  Perhaps screening trees will help..
– Significant traffic disruption and noise at this (north-west) end of the Parish seems inevitable for about 18 months, so I (verbally) expressed some concern to staff at the meeting.

Winslow Station 1

Winslow Station 2

EW Rail Map of old Swanbourne Station Area

Subsequent correspondence

Dear Sophie,
Yes, this is our formal response.  The feedback from other Parish Councillors is in general agreement with my comments. 
The only additional point is about keeping the line to just diesel trains – which on refection does seem like a backward step from the point of view of pollution (compared with electric trains).  To electrify at a later date might also mean closing the line to raise the bridges which would be inconvenient.  Some PC members may consider that it might be better to electrify right from the start, though obviously that would be more expensive.
Kind regards,
Clive Rodgers
(Vice-Chairman, Swanbourne Parish Council)

Note:- Individual responses are still open.  Please email:-  ewrconsultation@networkrail.co.uk