Deverells Farm – Four new dwellings

The four new dwellings at Deverells Farm, Swanbourne and now completed and the new houses are occupied. 

These dwellings are owned by and rented out by Swanbourne Estate.

Some original Planning Application records are archived below:-

Deverells Farm – Application for four new dwellings

Planning Application 16/01272/APP

Status:- Full approval granted by AVDC on 14.7.17.    The build commenced after a site archaeological investigation in the Spring of 2018.  All four dwellings will be completed by the end of 2018.

Deverells Farm June 2017. The site is to the left of the farmhouse.



Decision notice by AVDC:- 16_01272_APP-DECISION_NOTICE-1736921

Delegated Report by AVDC:-16_01272_APP-DELEGATED_REPORT-1736920

Conversion and Extension of Barn to Form Residential Dwelling

Conversion and Extension of Barn to Form Residential Dwelling

Site Plan

Archaeological discoveries from the groundworks

There are some interesting new archaeological finds as a result of survey work carried out by Buckingham Archaeology Ltd. for Swanbourne Estate.  A public meeting will be held on Friday evening 5th October concerning to share these findings with the public of Swanbourne.

Archaeology evening 5th October 2018