Code of Conduct


The Government has issued a new transparency code for small Parish Councils.

In order to comply with this code we are publishing the following information:-

Expenditure Over £100

You can find details of our expenditure in the Parish Council end of year accounts and Parish Council Minutes.


Available at the year end of each financial year.

Annual Governance Statement

This is published on our Annual Return pages.

Internal and External Audit Reports

Available on our Annual Return Pages.

List of Councillors and Members Responsibilities

This is available by clicking on Parish Councillor Details on the top right of the Home Page.


Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors and Parish Council employees

The Parish Councillors Code of Conduct will follow the principles of the Code of Conduct adopted by AVDC and the NALC template. Swanbourne Parish Councillors shall:-

1. Champion the needs of the residents of Swanbourne – the whole community – and put their interests first.

2. Deal with representations or enquiries from residents, members of the community and visitors fairly, appropriately and impartially.

3. Will not allow other pressures, including personal financial interests, deter him/her from pursuing constituents’ casework, the interests of Swanbourne village and Parish and the good governance of the Parish Council in a proper manner.

4. Will exercise independent judgment and not compromise his/her position by placing themselves under obligations to others who might influence the way he/she perform their duties.

5. Will listen to the interests of all parties, including relevant advice and information from statutory and professional officers, remaining objective and making decisions on merit.

6. Will be accountable for their decisions and actions and will co-operate when scrutinised internally and externally, including by local residents.

7. Will be contributing to making the Parish Council’s decision making processes in as open and transparent way as possible in order to enable the residents to understand the reasoning behind decisions.

8. Will behave in accordance with local AVDC policies and protocols.

9. Will always treat people with respect, including all members of the public, and will appropriately engage with those he/she works alongside with on the Parish Council.

10. Will value and engage with their colleagues on Swanbourne Parish Council, all of whom will be treated with mutual respect.

The Complaint’s Procedure

A complaint by a member of the public about the behaviour of a Parish Councillor may be expressed by contacting the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of Swanbourne Parish Council in writing or by email. If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, the AVDC complaints on-line form may be completed and submitted to AVDC. The matter will then be independently investigated by the AVDC Standards Committee.