Play Area for Children

Improvements planned for the Play Area

The planned Breakfast Field development for 13 new homes now has full planning approval.  The scheme will generate a £35,612 off-site financial contribution in lieu of on-site sport/leisure facilities via the S106 agreements.  The Parish Council have planned a project of major improvement to the children’s play area at the southern edge of the playing field as well as upgrades to the sporting facilities.  This was needed because the legal S106 agreements (between AVDC & developers) now have to be compliant with the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) regulations, so the Parish Council needed have to include a specific and appropriate sport/leisure project in the drafting of the S106.
The contribution of £35,612 will be made by Swanbourne Estate towards improvements to children’s play equipment (to be paid before commencement of the development in October). This will be paid to AVDC to be held on behalf of The Parish Council until the improvements take place and can be drawn down as required.  The Playing Field Committee will ensure that the position of improvements does not impinge on the football pitch.  As the Parish Council will be involved in payment for the improvements, it will be possible to reclaim the VAT for this exciting scheme which will, for example, include a zip wire.  We look forward to working with the Playing Field Committee on this exciting project.
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New Play Area Section 106 money