Gigaclear Fibre Broadband

Gigaclear Broadband news

Great news!  With effect from July, 2019, Smithfield End and Charlton Close are fully connected to the fibre network.  Enjoy amazing speeds 100mb uploads and 100mb downloads for £35 a month and free connection.

The business case for Ridgway Cottages has been accepted by Gigaclear, pots are being installed in July 2019.  Connection is imminent!!

Fibre Broadband — History summary

AVB was sold to Gigaclear Ltd., with the sale completed on 29th December, 2017.

January, 2018 – Tom Finchett recently had a useful meeting with the National Sales Manager for Gigaclear, and he was assured of the company’s intention to bring fibre to ALL the rest of the village. They plan to bring this to all premises whether the households have signed up to fibre or not, so that the infrastructure is in place and ready. They will also commit to connecting the new houses to be built in the village. There is no precise time scale at the moment, as Gigaclear are still in the process of integrating the AVB apparatus into their systems.