Minutes and Agendas for PC meetings

Latest Minutes (PC meeting held on 9th January 2019) are now available to read at the bottom of this page. Minute records starting from 2016 are below:- Minutes of PC meetings for 2016 Minutes from the PC meeting which was held at 6.00pm in Swanbourne V.H. on Wednesday, 13th January, 2016. PC Minutes 13th January 2016 Final vers […]

Village Newsletters

Current Newsletters Newsletter December 2018to February 2019 reduced memory version Newsletter December 2018 to February 2019.docx  (PDF) The quality of illustrations in this edition is reduced in order to upload a large file.   Newsletter September October November 2018 reduced memory version Newsletter September October November 2018 reduced memory vers (PDF) The quality of illustrations in this […]

Agendas for Parish Council and Parish Assembly meetings

Agendas Agenda for the PC meeting due to be held at 6.30pm in Swanbourne Village Hall on Wednesday 10th October 2017. Click here:- 2018-10-10 Agenda (5) Agenda for the PC meeting due to be held at 6pm in Swanbourne Village Hall on Wednesday 5th July 2017.    Click here:-   2017-07-05 Agenda List of cheques written Quarter 1 of […]

Swanbourne Refuse Collection Dates

          AVDC Refuse Collection Dates for Swanbourne, Winter  2018-2019. Date                           Food waste            Recycling Bin            Waste Bin         Garden waste Tuesday Nov 27       […]

Deverells Farm – Four new dwellings

Deverells Farm – Application for four new dwellings Planning Application 16/01272/APP Status:- Full approval granted by AVDC on 14.7.17.    The build commenced after a site archaeological investigation in the Spring of 2018.  All four dwellings will be completed by the end of 2018. SITE PLAN FRONT PLANS AND ELEVATIONS Decision notice by AVDC:- 16_01272_APP-DECISION_NOTICE-1736921 […]

Accounts for the Financial Year from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018

In accordance with the Audit Regulations 2015 and the Transparency Code for smaller authorities, links to the required documents are below:-  Certificate of Exemption  Annual Internal audit Report Section 1 – Annual Governance Section Section 2 – Annual Accounting Statements Analysis of variances:-Accounts 2017-18 Variances  Explanations for variances:- Accounts 2017-18 Analysis of Variances Bank reconciliation:- Accounts 2017-18 […]

Parish Councillor Vacancies

Previous Parish Councillor Vacancies 8th February, 2018 Notice was given of two vacancies caused by the resignation of Mrs J. Tuer and Mr S. Hitchens. Full notification details are here:- Vacancy for cllr notice – signed scan 2018-02-08 (1) These vacancies were filled by the co-option of Mr S. French and Mr M. Robinson, both of […]

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